About Bon Voyage

The idea for Bon Voyage Supplements was created around 49,000 feet above ground, over the skies of the seemingly endless Pacific Ocean. Its founder, Youcef Boudouh, was on his way to Beijing for a jam-packed vacation, when he found he simply could not fall asleep. The cabin lights were dimmed to help passengers doze and adjust to the half-day time difference, but even so - no dice. Watching the in-board movies didn’t help. Neither did listening to music, or reading, or playing fiendishly difficult crossword puzzles, or even counting sheep to 12,642. No matter what he tried, it seemed like his body’s circadian rhythms were unconcerned with 10-hour travel itineraries, and uncaring of how jetlagged he would be later. A quick look around revealed that many other fellow travellers also suffered this same problem, and Youcef thought:

“What if there existed a supplement, that could help travellers gain energy by day, and sleep without jetlag by night?”

And thus, Bon Voyage Supplements was born. What followed were over two years of painstaking research and formula development, as Youcef and his expert team perfected the Daytime and Nighttime formulas of Bon Voyage, using only the highest quality, all-natural active ingredients.   The two formulas now available from Bon Voyage have been tested, refined, and further tested again, for a product that is truly by travellers, for travellers.

Scientific Collaboration with

The product formulas behind Bon Voyage were developed in conjunction with Advanced Nutrigenomics, an industry leader in nutrition research and the development of scientifically-validated dietary supplements and functional foods.

Special Collaborator: Dr. Mihai Niculescu, MD, PhD

Dr. Mihai Niculescu is an internationally recognized expert in the field of nutrition research. He has over 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and is the author of several book chapters in books published by prestigious publishing houses. He is a peer-reviewer for over 25 scientific journals. Dr. Niculescu lectures at numerous scientific meetings in the US and abroad.

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Ingredient Partnership with

Bon Voyage exclusively uses Neuravena® (EFLA®955) as part of its scientifically-tested formula. Neuravena® is a brand of bioactivity tested, patented wild green oat extract, scientifically proven to enhance overall mental fitness and support cognitive performance, especially in stressful situations such as when travelling under jetlag.

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